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Why mental health awareness is important

Many have heard the catchphrase “all diseases are from nerves.” However, just as a simple and natural step to seek medical help for bodily ailments, stresses, anxiety, and mood decline are just as often left without proper mental health awareness.

It is known that when people receive appropriate care for mental health problems, they do not often seek medical care in general. There is evidence that people with unresolved mental health problems visit general practitioners twice as often as those who receive specialized, psychiatric, and psychological care.

Why mental health awareness is important
Excessive anxiety and stress can contribute to the development of some heart diseases, weaken the strength of the immune system. Psychological problems also increase the likelihood of improper behavioral choices, which is manifested in addiction to smoking and drugs, alcohol abuse. There is a close relationship between the psyche and the physical condition of a person. Feeling anxiety, constant stress and anxiety can lead to poor health. People who care about mental health, as a rule, achieve great success, both in the professional and personal spheres.

Mental health is important in terms of communication, especially in the family. It allows you to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the circle of loved ones, properly educate children, giving them the necessary care and psychological model to follow. Mentally healthy people are more resistant to the influence of negative social factors, less prone to the formation of “bad habits.” Thus, when a person is free from depression, anxiety, excessive stress, and anxiety, he is able to live fully, fully realized and enjoy.

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Mental health can only be fully assessed by a specialist. However, for the current assessment of your own state or the state of the psyche of your friends and relatives and the decision to seek help, it is important to be aware of your mental health by a number of simple criteria.

1. The state of sleep.

Difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, unusually early awakenings, and, conversely, increased drowsiness, lack of feeling of rest when waking up – all these are sleep disturbances, which can indicate a dysfunction of the nervous system, and, in themselves, lead to its overstrain, which means increase the risk of mental disorders so it crucial to pay attention on mental health awareness.

2. The level of performance.

Mental performance is characterized by the activity of mental processes: attention, memory, thinking. A decrease in mental performance manifested in the form of insufficient functioning of the memory, problems with concentration, difficulty in making decisions, can be a sign of many mental disorders and diseases.

3. The emotional state.

The emotional sphere is extremely sensitive to various manifestations of trouble. The prevalence of negative emotional reactions (bad mood, tearfulness, irritability, anger), their unusual and high intensity, especially in situations of inconsistency in the situation in which they occur, difficulties in managing their own emotional state – all these are reasons to pay attention to mental health awareness.

4. Behavioral changes.

For any person, there are the usual ways of reacting in different life situations, due to character traits and life experience. A sharp departure from habitual forms of behavior, an unexpected change in stable attitudes, and the absence of an obvious connection between such changes and life events can be manifestations of emotional and mental distress.
Many experts also talk about energy health, but this is essentially the same thing. The correct psychological attitude increases energy, so you need to live in such a way that processes not surrounding you control your mood, but, on the contrary, your mood controls the outside world.

Tips to Maintain Good Mental Health

Tip one: helping others is normal

Do not strive to sit on someone’s neck all the time, but if you are offered help, then you should not refuse it. This is especially true for help from loved ones. Put yourself in their place, because if you want to help a person, then a refusal on his part can seriously upset you.

Tip two: take time for fun

There is nothing better than laughter and positive. Watch positive films, communicate with those who give you a sea of positive emotions. You will immediately see how your life has changed for the better. Laughter and joy are necessary for normal mental health, especially for those who live in our country.

Tip three: look for nice people

Surround yourself only with the ones you like. If someone is unpleasant to you, then it is better to completely disengage from communication with this person. Stay in constant search of those from whom you can learn something, from whom you can take a good mood, whom you can level off. In this regard, to see in people a means of improving their condition is normal, not shameful. Be sincere, kind and honest, then you will be surrounded by the same people, and your state of mind will improve.

Fourth tip: keep your diet, eat right

Your sleep is important because a person should sleep as much as the body requires. Eat natural foods, eat less sugar. In a word, watch your health, because in a healthy body there is always a healthy mind.

Tip five: do not recycle

Take more time for yourself. Workaholics do not live in full force, just like lazy people. Everything needs balance, because without money there is no complete happiness, just like with them, but without free time. Learn to relax on time, relax. You should have at least one day a week when you are not doing anything.

Tip six: learn to live in real-time

Many regret past mistakes while living in the past. Someone, on the contrary, lives in the future, not noticing what is happening now, which is why it is frustrating because expectations can be frustrating. Be realistic and live the present. Rest now, work now, love now. Life is the current moment that’s why mental health awareness is important.

Tip seven: avoid stressful situations

Stress destroys our health, killing self-confidence, leading us to failure in everything. There are many ways out of this situation – it all depends on what or who is the source of troubles and feelings for you. Remove this swelling permanently.

Tip eight: learn to say no

This is a very important skill for mental health awareness in the modern world because many are afraid to say this word so as not to offend anyone. You don’t live at ease when you are doing something that you don’t like just because you didn’t say “no” at the right time. Learning to do this diplomatically is a separate skill that also needs to be developed. Say no when you want to say it.

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