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What’s New and Improved in QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020

With Intuit introducing QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020, we believe that this accounting software will help you get more organized and successfully run your business. In this blog, we will list down what’s new and improved in it, so that when you purchase the tool, you what you’re getting into. QuickBooks Online Support Provides you serivce 24/7.

Why Choose QuickBooks Premier Over QuickBooks Pro

While both the options are efficient, Premier is far ahead in terms of adaptability.

  • Identify which order is invoiced to customers and which one is left. With QB Premier, you can check all the invoice related information using the Backorders feature. The Pro version has limited visibility features.
  • The Premier version contains a worksheet for organizing Sales Orders and has a better workflow management than the QuickBooks Pro for Small Business.
  • Another advantage of Premier is the ability to Reverse Journal Entries. This means, you can reverse or cancel the entries that are already done. This is one of the prime reasons why business owners prefer this version over QB Pro.
  • Furthermore, there is a Current Availability Tracking option that enables you to record and track everything while dealing with a single customer so that you don’t repeat the same with other customers.
  • Other benefits include selecting an option between Non-profit, General Business, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Contractors, Retail and Professional Services. You can also track customer payments, payroll, forms, taxes and invoices with absolute ease.
  • Sometimes there is a need to take snapshots or screenshots of Previous Reconciliations to verify the details. Therefore, it is recommended that instead of selecting QuickBooks Pro as your Primary Software, you go for the Premier software.

Reasons to Purchase QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020

Manage your business funds using a single tool – QuickBooks Premier 2020. This advanced version of the accounting software allows you to make changes as per your industry requirements. Whether you’re in the manufacturing business, retail or non-profit, you can make use of this tool according to your particular specifications.  Here is how it is different from the previous versions:-


  • Desktop Premier 2020 incorporates all the features of QuickBooks Pro, in addition to industry-specific tools for manufacturing, retailers, contractors, professional services, nonprofits and wholesale.
  • Improve your business’ cash flow statement and final income by organizing your invoices.
  • QuickBooks Support provides you Desktop Premier 2020 also consists of a new feature that saves your time by enabling you to transfer client credit card and other payment details across jobs.
  • Deal with your payments more effectively by viewing all the unpaid bills from the vendors.
  • The software package also includes a disc to help you use the software.

This list of features may increase in future and QB Pro Solution will ensure that you stay updated. In case of doubts and queries, kindly get in touch with us via +1-800-469-4817. You may also subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular blog updates.

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