Important Shortcut Keys of Computer a to z

What is computer Shortcut Keys?

In computing, keyboard shortcut keys are a set of one or more keys that invoke a command in software or in any operating system.
They are, of course, an alternative means of invoking commands that otherwise could only be accessed through a menu, a mouse and/or an aspect of the user interface.
Therefore, these important shortcut keys from the computer to z can speed up operations by reducing the input sequences to a few keystrokes. Although, these computer shortcut keys can provide easier and faster methods to use computer programs or operating systems. So, these commands are commonly accessed using the Alt key (on PC computers), the command key (on Apple computers), Ctrl and Shift in combination with a single letter. So, in this article, you can easily find all-important shortcut keys on the computer a to z.

How to create important hotkeys and hotkeys on a computer?

-> To create a shortcut for any program, first, open the folder/directory of that program.
-> currently right-click thereon program and then click on the production route.

-> Now to assign the shortcut key to that program and Right-click on the shortcut and then click on Properties and then click on the Shortcut tab.
-> Now click on the shortcut key box and press any letter. (For example, if you press “a”, the shortcut key will automatically become Ctrl + Alt + A and that will act as your shortcut key).
This is a simple and straightforward method to make a route and assign it a hotkey.
Now let’s see some hidden computer hotkeys with its function that will help you speed up the task.

Important Shortcut Keys of Computer a to z

Ctrl+A for Select All
Ctrl+C. for Copy
Ctrl+X. for Cut
Ctrl+V. for Paste
Ctrl+Z. for Undo
Ctrl+B. for Bold
Ctrl+U. for Underline
Ctrl+I . for Italic
 F1 . for Help
 F2… Please download the complete PDF file from here.

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