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How To Install Window 7 From USB

Install Window 7 From USB, this guide works 101% for Windows 10 or 7 distinct most of the guides out there.

I have seen several websites/blogs that have “Install Windows from USB”. However, either with incomplete step or not operating guide. Although, I have additionally seen some guides that don’t use correct commands.

So, after spending/wasting many hours. I have come up with this 100% working guide to install Windows 10/8/7 from USB flash drive.

Install Window 7 From USB Complete Guide Line

So, this tutorial will help you with the installation of window 7/8/10 from USB from image (.iso and .img) file using USB Drive.

Though, it is step by step methodology with photos and screenshots. Without any CD/DVD.

But all you would like could be a USB flash drive of a minimum 4GB for Window 7. And eight GB for Windows 8 and 10.

This is a easiest way to install windows.
This article is a very much detailed 100% Working Guide with screen shots.
Before you can start installation of Windows 7 from USB, you’d need to create a boot-able USB of Windows 7.

Install Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool:

1. As, Click to open the Windows 7/8/10 USB/DVD downloaded tool installation file.

2. When you pressed to either save the file to disk or run it, then, select Run.

3. Once it is installed, then open the program, and then find your ISO file

4. USB/DVD tool will now make a boot-able USB or DVD.

Step 1: Boot from Windows 7 DVD or USB Device

As well as, to begin install Windows 7 from USB process, you will need to boot from the Windows 7 USB or DVD. So, if you are using a Windows 7 DVD or boot from USB device, if your Windows 7 installation files are placed on a flash drive or any other external USB drive.
Start again your computer, with the Windows 7/8/10 DVD in your optical drive, or with the properly configured Windows 7 USB flash drive plugged in. In this way you can install window 7 from USB easily.

To install window 7 from USB

So, watch for a Press Any Key else from CD or videodisc as the message similar to the one shown in the screenshot.

Though, if you are booting from a flash drive, the message may be saying differently, like “Press any key to boot from external device”….

Thoug, press a key to force the PC else from the Windows 7 videodisc or USB drive. Because, if you do not press key, your computer will attempt to boot to the next device in the boot order, which is almost certainly your hard drive.

Hard Drive, if this happens, likelihood is that your current software package can boot

How To Install Window 7 From USB

Step 2: Wait for Windows 7 Installation Files to Load

How To Install Window 7 From USB

Step 3: Choose Language and Other Preferences

How To Install Window 7 From USB

Step 4: Click the Install Now Button

Window 7 From USB

Step 5: Accept the Windows 7 License Terms


Step 6: Choose the Type of Windows 7 Installation to Complete: Click on the Custom (advanced) button.

How Install Window From USB

Step 7: Show the Windows 7 Advanced Drive Options

Windows installed through USB

Step 8: Delete the Partition Windows is Installed On

How To Install Window 7 From USB

Step 9: Delete Other Operating System Related Partitions

USB to windows installation

Step 10: Choose a Physical Location to Install Windows 7 On

Clean installation of windows from usb

Step 11: Wait While Windows 7 is Installed ( the machine will restart several times )

How To Install Window 7 From USB

Step 12: Wait for Windows 7 Setup to Complete

Windows from Flash drive clean

Step 13: Enter the Windows 7 Product Key

flash drive windows

Step 14: Your Windows 7 Clean Install is Complete!

windows installed

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