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How Astrology Improve Health & Fitness?

Do you know that the celestial positions reveal the health issues and fitness mysteries? Well, there are the impacts of Astrology and zodiac signs on your health.

Vedic Astrology is a conventional science that also considers the well being of natives. It is a mythic and spiritual interpretation of predicting the future based on the placement of planets, stars and constellation movements.  Janam Kundali will help you to know health issues and remedies.

The astrological chart depicts the anatomy of human beings that are wired with each zodiac sign.

Let us take a glance at how astrology improves health and fitness and what are the astrological remedies.

How is horoscope related to each part of the body?

Zodiac Sign Health & Wellbeing
AriesAssociated with eyes, head, pituitary gland, brain and adrenals.
TaurusRelates mouth, jaw, medulla, thyroid and vagus nerve.
GeminiLinked with lungs, nervous system, chest and respiratory tract.
CancerRelates female breasts, stomach and uterus.
LeoAssociated with the circulatory system, thoracic spine and heart.
VirgoLinked with small intestine and duodenum.
LibraRelates kidneys, spine, hair, skin, lower back and aesthetic body part.
ScorpioRelates with the eliminative organs – rectum and bladder, gonads and sexual organs
Sagittarius Associated with the locomotor apparatus – thighs, hips, and liver.
CapricornLinked with joints, skeletal system, bones, knees and connective tissues 
AquariusRelates ankles, peripheral vascular system, calves
PiscesAssociated with the lymphatic system and feet.

How Astrology Improves Health And Fitness?

Medical Astrology is an ancient therapeutic methodology that is associated with different parts of the body, drugs, and diseases. The position of the Sun, Moon, Planets, and constellations influences the natives’ well being. 

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To maintain stable health, astrological signatures help to understand what intake like food or medicines can work well and what also signifies the weaknesses.

Astrological Remedies For Health Problems

In Vedic Astrology, Sun is the responsible planet for good health and fitness and the 6th house is the house of health and disease. 

However, every planet has its causes and effects on each sign, so here are astrology remedies.


PlanetsAfflicted AreaRemedies for Health
SunHeart, bines, bile and eyesAvoid meat, never accept free offerings from anyone, drink a glass of sugar water, donate ruby colored and dark clothes.
MoonFrequent irritations and affects mindDonate sweets to young kids, win mother’s blessings, do not cage birds or animals (free them).
MarsIt can make a native coward and has to face severe accidents that affect loss of blood, burns, surgeries.Grow neem trees near the home, feed cows frequently, donate sweets in temples, carry red handkerchiefs.
MercuryTrigger troubles related to intelligence and also affects voice and skin. Donate milk and rice at temples, drink water in silver glass, avoid alcohol and meat, feed cows before eating
JupiterObesity, liver, diabetes, cancer, jaundiceWear yellow clothes and gold jewellery, help siblings, donate bananas and sweets in orphanage 
VenusAppendix, kidney, face, uterus, eyesightPlace a piece silver in your pocket, use cow ghee and donate it to temples, never wear unwashed clothes
SaturnChronic health issues , arthritis, leg swelling, paralysis Donate footwear, avoid drinking buffalo milk, help blind persons, do not consume milk at night
Rahu Triggers incurable diseases, phobia, and confusionLive in a joint family, store water in the south west corner, feed birds.
KetuSurgeries, stammeringAvoid red clothes, donate black and white blanket, donate sweets to orphans.

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Few general astrological remedies for gaining good health are as follows:

  • Worship God Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa daily, especially on Saturday
  • While sleeping, thee head should be kept in the east direction
  • Take water in a copper vessel and mix red sandalwood. Keep that vessel near the bed before sleeping. Proffer that water in a basil plant next morning
  • Donate footwear to the needy
  • Take some pieces of rock salt in a bowl and keep in the bedroom for a few days.

Astrology does affect the health and fitness of individuals and the astrological remedies will help to overcome the issues and improve the well being.