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Guide to Kasol- Explore, Eat and Experience

Kasol is becoming the famous tourist hub and perfect for getaways and backpackers. The picturesque valley of Kullu stretched along the river Parvati. The little village is 42km away from Bhuntar. Kasol is on the way to Manikaran, a holding place for Sikhs and known for its hot water spring. There are a lot of trek and beautiful villages to explore. The hospitality of the locals is very heartwarming. There is a separation which is made in between old Kasol and New Kasol, separated by a small bridge.

 About Kasol

Kasol is famous for its lively environment and scenic landscapes. It is the most popular tourist hub. The place has to offer something to everyone from adventure to beauty and peace. The picturesque Parvati valley and amazing sights will blow your mind, it will take you close to nature. Embrace the beauty of the place and make the most of your trip.

Best time to visit Kasol

Kasol is accessible throughout the year, in summers May and June are the suitable time to visit. The place phenomenal in winters and can be visited from November to February.

Nearby places to visit in Kasol

  1. Chalal- Roam around and get to know better

Every place you visit is picturesque and scenic. There is a number of treks such as Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parvati Pass, and kheerganga. You need to travel a small distance by local bus and cab to reach the starting point. Walk to Chalal is refreshing and it is 30 minutes away from Kasol.

If you want to experience the local life, the best option is to explore, interact with locals and you will get to know so much about the culture, tradition, history and background of the place. Try local cuisine, visit local restaurants and taste the local delicacies. There is an offbeat travelling destination,21km away from Kasol, Malana it is the untouched destination. Malana cream is very popular among Israelis, European and Indian visiting Kasol. The people of the village are rigid about their rules but the beauty of the place amazing. The greenery and rocky terrains add up to the place.

 Tosh valley

Tosh is a lovely village,18km from Kasol. The path heading to tosh is not in good condition therefore hiring a local cab. Enjoy the bumpy ride, the place is incredible for the mountain lovers. Climb up a bit and find accommodation to relax. Some of the common stays are Pink Floyd cafe, Shiva Mountain, Jackie place hotel, Blue Diamonds, Olive Garden, Mountain goat cafe and others. From here you can head to Kuala glacier and embrace the beauty of the place. Spend your evening in the lap of Himalayas and wake up early to witness the sunrise.

 Things to do in kasol

 There are a lot of places to be explored in Kasol and so much to do while you are here.

  1. Trekking

Trekking has become like a trend. A walk through the lush green forest and scenic path. You can interact with locals to know more about the place. There are so many trekking destinations like Tosh, Chalal, Rasol, Malana, Grahan and others. 

  1. Israeli food

Kasol is famous for its Israeli food, try the local cuisine and the dessert offered are delicious. It is recommended to visit German bakery at Moon dance.

  1. Camping

Camping is always fun, it gives you an amazing experience and cherishable memories. Pitch your tents near Parvati valley and embrace the beauty of the place and enjoy the sparkling sky. Set up a bonfire and light music. Experience the splendid sunrise with a hot cup of tea. The camps are pocket-friendly, you can either carry your own or you can rent.

Best cafes in Kasol

1.Tone Garden cafe- 24 hrs cafe with great food and ambience

  1. Freedom cafe- lively atmosphere
  2. Jim Morrison Cafe – all vegetarian food with soothing music.

4.shiv Shanti Cafe- enchanting view of the valley with terrace seating

  1. Evergreen Cafe- great food
  2. Bhoj cafe- the oldest cafe in the place with delicious food.
  3. Art cafe-
  4. Buddha Palace
  5. Alpine guest house cafe
  6. Moon Dance Cafe

Every place has some speciality to try and explore them you need to visit and see it what all it has to offer.