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Future of Freelancing in Pakistan

The Future of Freelancing In Pakistan is the hot topic of discussions today. A decade ago, it has a limited limit to very few, place of the course experts. But as these network technologies emerged. It is now starting new heights daily. Anyone with an internet connection and the PC will turn into a freelancer. There are hundreds of reasons people are drawn to freelancing, some of them exist under, Freelancing and freelancers.

Overview of Future of Freelancing in Pakistan:-

Freelancer is the self-employed individuals, who provide his companies to some small, mid-size businesses. The freelancer may work with freelancers and the gross wealth they created in 2016 is $ 1 trillion. Therefore, here is a great Future of Freelancing In Pakistan.

In many ways, freelancing represents the future of work. And it’s a future that many people welcome. We found that 13.5 million people are already “moonlighting” as a freelancer. In addition to their day jobs, and what 37 percent of these have considered putting their job to freelance full-time.

That would add millions a lot of full-time freelancers to our men. Freelancing is increasingly a choice people are making. Because it offers them a better lifestyle, ore income, and, in many cases, both. The fact is, the job market is changing. And traditional jobs often provide less security, fewer benefits, and fewer rewards than ever before.

In that context, freelancing offers a life of management over your own fate. So it’s no surprise that 63 percent of independent workers started freelancing by choice—up 10 percentage points (from 53 percent). Since 2014, and 79 percent say that freelancing is better than working in a traditional job.

Freelancing has become a giant business that is currently increasing at an utmost exponential rate. Pakistan is hierarchic among high countries that area unit earning through freelancing (4th# precisely). So, that you can start freelancing today because in this scenario here is a good future of freelancing in Pakistan.

Human capital in West Pakistan has full-grown considerably over the last decade. With nearly 16 PF of the younger age bracket having a school degree.

Pakistan has the Philippines is considered as the top two outsourcing destinations in terms of growth, value for money and customer feedback.


According to a survey, in 2007-08 Philippines experienced 789% growth in its outsourcing business and Pakistan was second on the list with 328% growth. The labor costs in many countries have risen shapely and in some cases, these costs have increased more than productivity.

Increasing the labor prices area unit a giant issue to think about within the overall labor value equation. The reason behind freelancing is to urge low-cost labor and Pakistan’s IT sector is carving a distinct segment for itself as a perfect place to go for affordable freelance IT

programmers and app designers. In the recent article of the New York Times, it is reported by the author that there are an estimated 1,500 registered IT companies in Pakistan, with 10,000 IT graduates entering the market annually. This one needs to go away right now.

Pakistan’s freelancing community is one in all the world’s best and therefore the youth of West Pakistan is quickly embrace this profession. Just because you work from home doesn’t really mean it does not really work.

Freelancers earn handsome salaries that area unit generally even over they’d UN-remarkably earn operating in a workplace. There is a social stigma regarding freelancing in our society, even though the international community has embraced freelancing as a serious profession.

There are quite a ton of individuals UN agency have accomplished unbelievable tasks through freelancing.

To name a few, there was this Pakistani MBBS student who earns almost half a million dollars through freelancing just a while ago then there was this HTML developer. Mohammad Haris, who managed to earn $ 1 Million just through one of his themes.

Freelancer Services

People who do sell their services, be it content writing, SEO services, designing logo, developing the website or fixing website bugs, etc. are called Freelancers. It’s typical to call a freelancer who designs or develops, freelance designer or freelance developer respectively. In freelancing, one can work sitting in Pakistan for someone sitting in Washington In 2013, freelance.com, one of the major freelancing marketplaces ranked Pakistan among the US and India as a nation with the highest number of active freelancers.

In 2015 Elance ranks West Pakistan at third spot right once U.S. and Asian nation as the highest range of freelancers.

Hell yeah! You definitely ought to get it on, notwithstanding whether or not you’re a student, graduate, adult or otherwise.

It is one of the best activities you can do to flourish. Not only do you polish your skills, by working continuously for a diverse range of employers, but it’s also fun! With the rising tide of unemployment in our country, more Pakistanis than ever are jumping in an on the freelancing bandwagon. No, you won’t have to leave your full-time job to freelance. You can just start freelancing part-time.

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