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Digiskills Vs eRozgar Program

Digiskills Vs Prozac Program is a different freelancing platform but the purposes and aims of these platforms are the same. As these platforms develop/train freelancers for earning as well as self-employment. These program goals to develop the education system in Pakistan via online technology. To deliver knowledge and skills for free of cost to citizens of Pakistani without any discernment. Be it youth, freelancers or students, housewives or professionals with the knowledge, skill, tool, and techniques. Compulsory to avail opportunities obtainable internationally in online marketplaces as well as in their locality.

These programs are started by the Government of Punjab, Pakistan for Online Earning Money and self-employment. However, there are different requirements and criteria for joining or getting admission to these platforms. The methods of education are also different from each other.

Digiskills Vs eRozgar Program

Eligibility Criteria In E-Rozgar program

The criteria for selection of the candidate are that candidates must have completed their 16 years of education. The age of the candidate must be in between 22 to 35 years.

Selection Method/Criteria

After that management also conducts an online test of each candidate before the training. It is compulsory to pass the said test for every candidate for getting admission (there is no fee or charges for admission, its free of cost). The services of the Higher Education Commission / Board also be required for the verification of degrees submitted by the candidates for getting admission.

Classes Schedule

After completion necessary procedure or scrutiny process, the classes started from Monday to Friday. In the nearest government institute/Universities, selected by the Candidates at the time of filling of online admission form. 

Eligibility and Selection Criteria in Digiskills

Whereas, Digiskills program has numerous advantages over the eRozgaar program of Punjab government. Such as, it provides equal opportunities to the candidates of Pakistan or at the national level.

All the graduate’s persons whether they holding 14 or 16 years of education, can get admission and fully participate in this program. There is no pre-admission test like in the eRozgar Program.

But the mode of education of the Digiskills program is different from the Prozac Program. In this program, everyone can get enroll for free within the prescribed time limit. And the classes held online on its official website https://digiskills.pk. It’s the mode of education home-based. And lectures uploaded on its official website week by week. Moreover, assignments and MCQs tests are also held according to courses respectively selected by the candidates.

(Digiskills Vs Prozac Program) The Digiskills and eRozgar Program are now the biggest Freelancers Training Center in Pakistan.

Recently, The Oxford Internet Institute’s Online Labour Index (OLI) has ranked Pakistan in 4th number in the global online freelancing sectors, behind India, Bangladesh and United States. Pakistan ranked on 4th number in global online freelancing platforms just because of the awareness of freelancing/self-employment in Pakistan which is now increasing day by day.

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