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8 latest new gadgets that can definitely help you out

8 Hover Passport Drone

The Hover Passport Drone is an all-new self-flying drone that is capable of capturing 4k HD video with a 13-megapixel camera this drone can even take stunning photographs that can be shared with your friends on social media. The drone is even built with an auto-follow feature which allows the camera to use facial recognition technology to recognize your face and body so the drone can follow you on your journey without any need to remote-control or complicated drone flying experience. The drone is even capable of following you while biking running surfing or even hang gliding some drones require special permits or registrations to be able to fly them in public areas but the hover passport does not require any of this. This product is ready to fly straight out of the box with a very minimal learning curve being built with a carbon-fiber body and chassis. This drone is certainly one of the most durable on the market in this price range this drone is built to withstand extreme weather conditions fall accidents and other unforeseen circumstances without risking breaking cracking or bending the frame. The hover passport is truly one of the greatest drone choices on the market it even offers gesture control so that you don’t need to learn a complicated control scheme.

7 Candle

The candle is a new device that we could all use during the harsh winter months this product describes itself as being the first heated glove on the market. The company’s mission statement is to find ways for us to remain outdoors for longer regardless of changing weather conditions these gloves can heat themselves to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Using carbon fiber elements that are extremely resilient to the cold the gloves are water-resistant and can even be used with touch screen devices rechargeable batteries are located inside each unit allowing for up to six hours of heat. Time on a single charge though they are built with rigid heating elements they do not limit your mobility or restrict you in any way. The gloves are just as flexible as standard gloves you may find at a supermarket though this will keep you considerably warmer for a much longer period according to the company website these gloves could heat up more than your standard hot tub and could even be worn inside of a hot tub.

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6 Sray Speaker

The Sray Speaker is extremely unique and its technology is a bit difficult to explain or understand this device aims to be a hands-free replacement for earbuds or headphones however it is a speaker that can be placed nearby that allegedly only you can hear. This seems extremely odd but the company claims that the devices truly work the Spray is a small directional speaker that can create a sound field that only encompasses the nearby user. This means that the speaker can produce loud clear sounds though only a person in immediate proximity to the speaker can hear it. The company says that the speaker generates ultrasonic waves that can be altered with an audio signal so that they can pass through the air and be heard by those within a media proximity. Now you can attach this speaker with your phone for watching a movie on Movie Hustle any time easily. The waves dissipate far too quickly for the sound to travel more than a few feet the device has been featured on several news outlets. This year and is certainly shaping up to be extremely interesting product reviews seem to indicate that the Sray speaker does work but we will have to wait and see how well the speaker performs in real world applications at the moment.

5 Myo Gesture Control

The almic labs have released an all-new product that aims to revolutionize the way we control our electronic devices the Myo gesture control is a wearable presentation remove that allows you to move freely with your hands while also maintaining control of your computer presentations. The remote is compatible with most major presentations programs including PowerPoint keynote Prezi Google slides and Adobe you can control both Windows and Mac computer systems with ease using little more than a standardized hand motion. Aside from its use as a presentation device, you can even control programs like Netflix iTunes games and much more you can program gestures to correlation to a certain keyboard combination which means that the device could even be used for certain gaming applications. The built-in Bluetooth module makes the device wireless and capable of being used with average-sized room ratings for the product are a bit mixed depending on the application.

4 Moodo

Moodo is a smart home enabled fragrance diffuser that is designed to change the way you add fragrance to your home or office the device is USB rechargeable and is designed for use with several different varieties of scent pods. Which can be purchased at an additional cost each scent pod comes with four individual scents that can be used individually or combined at your leisure you can create your custom sense. Using the device’s smartphone app the Moodo can be paired with Alexa Google and Siri enabled devices and be controlled with your voice. No smartphone or touch controls required there are several different variations of the Moodo.

3 Sonic Soak

Sonic Soak is a device whose applications are seemingly endless this device first launched on IndieGoGo back in 2017 where it received over three million dollars in customer backing. The product is an ultrasonic cleaner that can be used to clean clothes fruits foods electronics automotive parts nuts bolts literally anything. The device provides up to 50,000 vibrations per second to rid your item of any contaminants in record time simply fill. A container with a cleaning solution of your choice then places the sonic soak inside of the container from here you wait anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours and your item will be completely cleaned.

2 IVECO Freezer

The ICECO Freezer is a type of freezer that claims to be cooler than a cooler the company alleges to be a leading brand of portable vehicle refrigerators with their products being used in various cars trucks RVs campers yachts and commercial vehicles all across the world. The company appears to be the lead supplier for major car manufacturers such as Mercedes Volvo and Renault. There are several different versions of these portable freezers available with each one having the ability to be controlled via Bluetooth so that the user can adjust the cooling mode temperature and duration of the cooling cycle. The device can be either plugged in or recharged through a built-in battery for countless hours of use with the lower end. This freezer certainly isn’t for everyone however it seems to be a great contender in the market for portable freezers.

1 Dream Light

Dream Light is a product that can be described as a natural sleep aid the product functions as a regular night mask though the light can flash certain patterns of light that claim to aid in your sleep cycle to provide you with a more enjoyable and restful night’s sleep. The product can even awaken you in the morning without the need for irritating alarm clocks dream light uses medically proven light patterns that aim to provide our brains with the most optimal sleep possible without medications or intense meditation practices.

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