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5 reasons why White collar Ladies become fat

Do you know why ladies would be fat? Especially for the white-collar ladies. It is interesting and here I show you 5 reasons why white-collar ladies become fat.

#1 Lazy women

5 reasons why White collar Ladies become fatWomen, compared to men, fewer opportunities to engage in manual labor and participate in physical exercise. In particular, the majority of women do not enjoy physical exercise. And the lack of long-term adequate physical exercise will make them fat.

So, sometimes even if you eat slimming tablets but you do not exercise, you may not lose weight as well.

Top2:Snacks clan

5 reasons why White collar Ladies become fat

Most of the women have a favorite of snacks. Especially white-collar women working in the office. More than 80% of the working hours are sitting in front of the computer, fingers tapping the keyboard or grasping a few pieces of chocolate, potato chips stuffed into the mouth from time to time. On one hand, the long-term sedentary pour-over, on the other hand, the favorite of snacks. As time goes by, they find themselves waist thicken. So the most common office figure is the local fat-pot.

Top3:Pressure clan

5 reasons why White collar Ladies become fatThe status of women in today’s society higher, daily work is more and more heavy and has even caught up with men. Fast paces of life, excessive pressure of work, bad state of mind such as the long-term stress and depression will be to enable women to gain weight. Some mitigation and treatment of mental stress drugs are also one of the reasons to make women fat.

Top4:Nightlife clan

5 reasons why White collar Ladies become fatThere are many women like nightlife living in the city, especially weekends. Prior to that, since the pressure of modern women’s work suddenly makes the nightlife, decompression relaxation, popular. Frequent nightlife will not only disrupt the daily routines but also allows you to develop the bad habit of eating night-meat. From a medical point of view, people are likely to suffer from gastrointestinal diseases, particularly the risk of a stomach illness. Night-meat is the easiest way to get fat. As the physiological structure of the relationship between the body during the night is the best time to fully absorb the nutrient, if the time to eat, then food intake during the day and more efficient than absorbed by the body and turned into fat! According to the survey, 95% of obese people have a bad habit of having night-meat.

Top5: Eat-outside clan

5 reasons why White collar Ladies become fatThe accelerated pace of urban life led many young clan to abandon cooking, replaced by regular fast-food shops to patronize fast-food shops, convenience in order to save time, often to eat nutritional structure of a single, highly saturated fat and calories high fast-food takeaway food. If things go down the accumulation of fat inside the body is not only the beginning, while not comprehensive due to nutritional intake, with the overweight will be concurrent at the same time there are symptoms such as vitamin deficiency! Thus, these are the top 5 reasons why white-collar ladies become fat in this respect.